Fire & Disaster management

Fire-resistant cable


  • In case of fire at public facility, fire-fighting equipment need electricity to run. Fire-resistant cable can provide the power without being damaged by fire with 1200℃
  • In many past experiences it showed the desperate need of fire-resistant cable. However, the Fire Services Act has not been revised and continuously many people are losing their lives in the fire.
  • Korea EHT provides fire-resistant cable which is not damaged for more than 2 hours in 1200℃. It does not require additional protection conduit as well.


Fire Prevention in the Wooden Cultural Assets

Cultural assets like palace, temple, gates, or monasteries are mostly wooden structure, so they're very vulnerable to fre.

Most of temples located in the mountain areas, rapid fire extinguishing is almost impossible. However, lamps and lighting equipment are generally used especially for various ceremonies or rituals, there are much danger of fire by electrical problems.

According to the fre-related annual report from the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, electrical fire compose the majority of cases. In the electrical fire, cable wiring related fire compose more than 50% of cases.

Electrical fire happens due to short circui, ground fault or overcurrent. Cable damage by rodents like ratsor squirrels often causes the electrical fire.

Considering difficuly preserving to maintain beauty of culture assets then using metal coated fire-resistant cable (mineral insulated cable)', we can prevent electrical fires in the temples and preserve the beauty of the cultural assets as well.

Especially in Korea EHT, we have invented wood pattern fire-resistant cables for the cultural assets and we have patent about it.

Statistics material about the cause of fire in the temples

According to the fire related annual reports of Ministry of Interior and Safety (97-02), 302 fires outbroke in last 6 years.
When we categorize the fire outbreaks according to the causes, electrical fire happened 122 times, which makes up the majority cases.

Example of fire at cultural assets like temples

  • Fire at Naksan Temple at Yangyang-gun in 2005

  • Hyangilam Temple at Yeosu completely burned in 2009

  • Main building of Baekun Temple in Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do completely burned in 2008

Fire-resistant cable with wood pattern (patent acquired)

** It can be installed without harming the beauty of temples or wooden structure cultural assets. **
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